Effective AI-based shared decision-making in healthcare

Partners: University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Utrecht University
Type: Postdoc
Duration: 2024—2026

The main aim of this postdoc project is to examine how we can optimize the desired effects of automated decision systems (ADS) and protocols in preventive health or healthcare while minimizing the potential threat to public values such as autonomy, privacy, security, integrity, solidarity, fairness, inclusiveness, transparency, and equity. Responsible and effective lifestyle apps and clinical decision support systems can provide personalized feedback to citizens, patients, and healthcare professionals, and aggregated information to public health campaigners and policymakers.

In advancing specific ADS-based eHealth applications, institutional protocols, and national and international policies, we will focus on treatment, by using automated prediction to facilitate patient-provider interaction, in particular shared decision-making. The project takes a transdisciplinary approach, actively involving stakeholders (e.g., end-users such as patients and healthcare providers) as co-researchers and designers.

The leading research question of this subproject is; “How can we design effective ADS-based shared decision-making for prevention strategists, policy makers, patients, and healthcare providers while safeguarding the potential threat to public values and what is their effectiveness?”

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